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Are You Ready?

Have all of your tools ready and by your side:

  • Black Personalizing Pen (we suggest having 2 on hand)
  • White Personalizing Pen (allow a few minutes to dry)
  • Rubber Eraser
  • Instruction Manual
  • Signs
  • Regular Pen
  • Notepad & Scratch Pad
  • Small Soft Cloth

Now Let's Begin!

You do not need special calligraphy skills! We recommend using the "Dot-to-Dot" method. Use the printing style used when you first learned how to write. Maintain neat penmanship by printing CAPITAL letters straight up and down, not slanted. Keep a steady hand & use slow strokes until you achieve the desired lettering. Now go back & place a dot at the end of each line in each letter. This will give slightly imperfect penmanship a whimsical look. 

Helpful Tip: Ues clear tape over personalizing areas on ornaments to practice writing.

Personalizing Suggestions:

  • Names
  • Birthdates
  • Wedding Dates
  • Anniversaries
  • Employees' Names
  • Corporate Names
  • Greetings
  • Special Events
  • Short Slogans or Mottos
  1. Have Have customers print names requested on a notepad.
  2. If a name is unusual, always confirm spelling.
  3. Have a scratch pad of paper beside you.
  4. Wipe the surface of the ornament with your finger to remove any dust.
  5. Start the ink flow on your scratch pad.
  6. If the ink stops flowing, lift the pen from the surface & restart the ink on the scratch pad.
  7. You may have to prime your pen several times.
  8. Uniform lettering & correct spacing are important. Count the letters and divide in half. This will give you an idea of which letter should be placed in the center of the area to be personalized. The more you personalize, the easier it will be to center the letters.
  9. Recap the pen after each use to extend pen life.
  10. Personalizing pens should not be used for anything but personalizing.

Oops! I Made a Mistake, Now What?

Don't worry! Our eraser is proven to work the best for removing ink form our ornaments without ruining the finish.

  • Rub the mistake with the rubber eraser. You may need to use some pressure.
  • Wipe excess eraser residue from the surface with a cloth & start again.

NOTE: Eraser to be used on high-gloss resin ornaments personalized with black personalizing pens only (eraser does not remove white personalizing paint pen).  Clay & Glass Ball ornaments are non-erasable.

Suggestions for Display

Always display pre-personalized samples.
Visual stimulation will help you increase sales. Customers obtain ideas on what products to purchase & the many different ways an item can be personalized by the samples you have displayed throughout your store, cart, kiosk, etc.

Display an ornament from each theme.
We have a vast selection of products & ornaments in different themes (Friends & Family, Sports, Add-Ons, Professions, etc.).  Be sure to display several samples so your customers are aware of the wide variety you offer.

Keep personalized samples by your register.
If your customers somehow missed seeing some of the unique designs offered, they will not miss them if they are prominently displayed at the check-out stand!

Use Joseph K. & Company's display units.
We offer several units, specially customized for displaying our products. We have different optoins to suit your needs.

Why Personalize?

All Joseph K. ornaments and products are specifically designed to be personalized. People enjoy seeing their names in print. It only takes seconds per piece to personalize. Consider offering the following:

  • Schedule personalizing for Saturday, weekdays, all week long - YOU PICK!
  • Offer personalizing during your slow days or other times when you would like to increase sales.
  • Devote more time to personalizing during your peak tourist season or as you get closer to the holidays.
  • Have customers leave their orders with you for a later pick-up. This helps promote repeat business.
  • Offer personalizing FREE-OF-CHARGE. Customers will pay more for personalized ornaments.
  • Personalizing converts an ornament into a personal keepsake and colletcible. People reutrn year after year for this service.
  • Personalization will increase your sales volume by creating multiple sales. Your customers will pick all the designs that will apply to all the friends, family and busines associates they buy for.

BE PREPARED! Once you see how popular personalizing is, you will want to devote a section of your store to just this service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning your personalizing program. Our staff has many years of combined experience in personalizing our products and are available to assist your with your needs.

Free Name Drop We will name drop up to 18 characters as long as it fits on the ornament at no additional charge.

Terms & Conditions For over 30 years, our goal has been to provide excellent products and services to our thousands of customers.

Need Help? Click here to contact us via phone or email with any questions about wholesale ordering.

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